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Can we talk poop?

Gianna's last two poops were pretty loose.  How do you know if they have diarrhea or just having a loose poop phase?  There were several just pee diapers and about 12 hours in between her loose poops.  She is formula fed and doesn't seem to have a problem there.

Re: Can we talk poop?

  • Sorry, I can't help!  As a brand-new, breastfed baby, all of Allison's poops are loose! 
  • I don't know since Kailey is on BM, but I'd say if it's watery.  If it's just loose, then it's probably nothing.
  • if its super watery, leaves a stain like coffee poured into the diaper, basically nothing other than dark liquid that's bad... but if its still just loose (like watered down mustard) then you are fine. :)
    - MeLisa mom to Kaylee Adeline born: 12-29-07

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