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I hope she's not getting sick. I don't think she is. It's probably a growth spurt. Meredith was attached to my boob too at 2 weeks and was miraculously bigger 2 days later. Prepare for a rough night and a clingy baby.?


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  • I hope she's not getting sick, too!  She's been coughing a little bit today and is definitely snotty, but I am really hoping you are right and that this is a growth spurt.  She's eaten every 30-45 minutes since she got up today and is so clingy.  If I set her down, she immediately starts fussing.  The only times she's slept today are when I'm holding her or she's in the Moby wrap.  

    I don't want to sound selfish, but I'm hungry and I have to pee Tongue Tied It's difficult to do either of those things with a baby attached to your body! DH will be home in about an hour and a half and I'm definitely ready to pass her off for a little bit.

    She has a dr. appointment tomorrow morning.  I hope she's growing so I don't get in "trouble" again (last time she lost 1 lb, 1 oz between birth and her appt!!).

  • Conner was like that a week ago. It was awful. He's bigger now. I think it was a growth spurt.
  • Allie was like that yesterday - and I think it was gas combined with a growth spurt. :( Poor baby.
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