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Did everyone get banned?

It seems SO quiet on here today.  With all the "reporting" we've been doing, it just has me wondering...

Re: Did everyone get banned?

  • well if i'm still here, everyone is...... lol?
  • I was banned momentarily the other day.  But mostly I'm just too busy w/ little man to nest much!
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  • nope!  I think Allison is getting a cold.  She's been attached to my boob all day long!!
  • I haven't been around. have people actually been banned?!
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  • Angels, I've been temporarily banned a number of times for no apparent reason, but I was wondering about it b/c we keep reporting posts so the nest will give us our own board.
  • huh- well I'm glad it hasn't been permanent and I hope they give you all your board soon! :)
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  • Hey, it'll be your board too soon enough!  I can't believe how close you are.  Can't wait to see your little one!

  • Nope.  I can't believe it.  I have been reporting like a fool.  :)
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