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Some very good things you all have helped me with

In case of my temporary disappearance due to copious reporting, I want to tell you all some good things. And to AW too...:)

1.  Since Oct 28, when I began working out again, I have lost 5 pounds, dropped my BMI by nearly 2 points, and lost 9 inches. (hips-2, thighs-2, waist-2, and arms-3).  9 inches, for me, is pretty good.  I have dropped almost 2 sizes, and I don't feel guilty that losing the weight is letting go of my "angels".  I think this time the weight loss and lifestyle change are rooted deeper. I need to be healthy to chase Isa, Mario, and the inevitable "MI3" around, and need to fit in my clothes.

2.  I tried one of my inaugural ball gowns on.  (I am choosing between 2).  It looks good, and it has been a long time since I have said that.  It is a 12, but the seamstress measured me and said I am right between an 8 and a 10.  At 5 foot 8, I'll take that. :) We are not doing final alterations until Dec., in case I drop more, as I am still working out.

3.  I feel like there is a group of women who gets me how sometimes, gets that grief can pop up in a happy moment.  Not a lot, and not that it must rule us, but that it does happen.  Makes me feel pretty normal!

Hopefully, I'll be back on later.  Gotta run (literally!)  Much love to all of you.  Jill

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