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The Target Britax Deal.....

might be a bust.  Word on the other boards is that it was a mistake and people are getting mixed answers from customer service whether or not they will honor it.  Crap!

Re: The Target Britax Deal.....

  • I just checked the website and they are both back up to $199.
  • Yeah, last night, lots of girls were calling and some were being told they would honor it, and some were being told they wouldn't honor it. I bought 4 of them, so I hope they do! I guess only time will tell how many they actually had in comparison to how many they sold.
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  • I ordered one last night but never had to much hope I would get it. It was definitely one of those things that looked to good to be true.

    I have a feeling Target is simply going to cancel all the orders, but one can always hope.

  • I hope they the honor orders
  • image lilyvalley:
    I just checked the website and they are both back up to $199.

    Those are actually the Roundabouts that are $199. The Marathon hasn't been listed since late last night.

    I haven't gotten an email that my order has been cancelled yet... *fingers crossed*

  • I knew that had to be an error on their part!  I really hope they honor the orders that we already placed - I ordered two of them last night!  They was their mistake!
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