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no STTN this time :(

Maybe it was a fluke the other night. Last night she slept 7pm-3am and then 3:30-7 which is still GREAT but I was really hoping she was done with those 3am feedings. Oh well.

Re: no STTN this time :(

  • Sorry to hear that. DS is 7 months old and still STTN. I fear that day will never come. He does here and there and we just enjoy it when it happens.



  • I'm just happy that mine was up every 3 hours and not every 2! sorry she didn't STTN
  • It will come again.  It was a good start.  If it is any comfort, my 3 year old did not sleep through the night last night!  Every once in a while, it just happens.  We can be zombies together...

    Good luck, have hope, it will happen on a much more regular basis, Jill

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