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Language Milestones

I looked back a bit but I haven't seen any posts about it, sorry if this is a repeat...

Anyone know of a good language milestone chart? With examples? DD was excels at physical milestones but hasn't made too many changes with language.  

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Re: Language Milestones

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    This is DS too. He can walk up and down stairs and manipulate and properly use a spoon or fork but doesn't talk. He was saying bug bye and puppy in context a few weeks ago but has stopped.

    We use ASL though and he communicates his needs very well. He knows food, drink, sleep, hot, cold, more, all done, pottie and hurt. He bit his tongue yesterday and signed hurt. I was doing it when he'd hit his head or fall down but this was the first time he did it and made the association himself.

    Some kids are so busy physically learning that language comes later. Our pedi said 2 words at a year is what the norm is but not necessary. Animal noises count, and usually 5 at 15 months. I wouldn't worry and I would absolutely recommend teaching some basic signs.
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    I don't know of a good chart but with DS he had language explosions.  Around 1 he was babbling non-stop then one day there were multiple real words mixed in.  Then he had another around 17 months (I think) where he just got a ton of words and 2 word phrases, then again around 21 months he started forming sentences, and recently he has started understanding and using pro-nouns and plurals correctly.  

    I'm not too sure on the ages that things happened (or if it even matters) but just don't be surprised if it comes in spurts.   

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