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Crib info. Please

Hello. Found out I'm having twins and need to buy two cribs. Anyone know of any eco friendly cribs that are not expensive? Does anyone know the materials for IKEA cribs? What do I need to look for when looking at the materials? I want it to be safe for my babies. I have no clue where to start. Thanks!!

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  • I used the info in the Baby Bargains to kind of get an idea of what goes into cribs. They rate a ton of companies, and they consider things like where it is made, the materials, finishes, price, etc. That said, I couldn't afford the US-made, all-wood set that I wanted, so I opted for something a bit less expensive;  however, I made  a point to get the crib, dresser, and mattress several months before my due date so that everything could off-gas for a long time. I don't know how much this truly helped, but it certainly was better than just plunking the kiddo straight down on the new stuff. Also, if you're worried about when LOs start chewing, you can make or buy crib rail teething guards that will keep them from chewing directly on the wood.


  • Good to know. Thank you so much.
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  • I went with babyletto.  You can frequently find them on sale too.
  • IKEA uses beech. I have an IKEA crib and love it.
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  • Ikea uses beech wood like stated, but you can also get the unfinished crib and paint it yourself with zero VOC paint if you're concerned.  Mythic is an excellent non-toxic paint. 

    We have a Natart Juvenile Barcelona classic crib.  It's decently priced (at about $400), made in Canada and greenguard certified.  They sell them in the US also.  It is a very basic crib, but it's cute and comes in several colour options.
  • We got the ikea crib that is unfinished.  I forget the name at the moment... sniglar or something like that, maybe?  I don't know about glues used, but we felt that the reduction in chemicals in getting an unfinished crib (and the price) made it a good fit for us.  I'll be finishing it with a jojoba-beeswax (homemade) finish.  We haven't taken it out of the box, yet, but we may also replace the supporting board depending on its construction/materials.
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  • Another reasonably priced option (under $300) is the Baby Mod ParkLane Crib - made of New Zealand pinewood and has a non-toxic finish.  The product specifications indicate that it is made of solid wood and that no paper press boards are used – this equals no toxic VOCs or formaldehyde!  The crib is JPMA certified. - Healthy, non-toxic product recommendations for children from a mom who has really used them!
  • We got the Ikea unfinished crib as well ($69!) and painted it with Ecos Lullaby organic paint.
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  • FTM here, due in January. I will be getting the DaVinci Emily Minicrib (link below), which claims to use sustainable New Zealand pine and non-toxic finishes. At $150, it sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

  • Kalon Studios Caravan crib.  Made in USA.  Totally unfinished wood.  Love it!  So stylish.  Just a little pricier, but it becomes a nice platform toddler bed.
  • We looked into a lot of cribs. The Nest from Room and Board looked like a good option but it was more expensive than we preferred. We inevitably went with the Kendal Crib ($399) from Pottery Barn -- seemed really sturdy compared to many of the others we looked at. The are made of solid wood and the veneered slats are MDF but contain no added urea formaldehyde. 

    I work for a sustainable engineering firm that designs eco-friendly buildings so I did my research.

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  • I am looking at the Union 4-1 on Amazon--- it is New Zealand pine , non toxic paint--- lots of color options.
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  • Have you considered using baby hammocks? Some of them are very inexpensive and organic! Then you can transition to an organic twin sized mattress on the floor when they are a little older (6 months).  
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