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Sister Wives

Anyone a fan? The new season starts tonight. Robin drives me crazy. I'm not sure why I'm fascinated with polygamy.

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Re: Sister Wives

  • I live in Utah and know a few children of polygamy. I never pushed for information too much, since most of them are not big on talking about it, but from a few things a girl I use to work with had said it must be a really weird way to grow up unless it's in a family that completely isolates itself from anything outside that life style. She basically had to learn how to real-world socialize as an adult. She went on to be in a monogamous marriage and had all but shut out her parents. My aunt (also from Utah) has a life long friend who was a child of polygamy and now also a sister wife, she seems to have a easy time fitting into both "normal" society as well as her plural marriage. It's for sure an interesting lifestyle. I always watch in awe because I could not handle it.



  • I don't have cable right now, but I watch it on Netflix and am obsessed with it! I don't like Robyn either. I think my favorite is Janelle, because she seems more level-headed and productive than the rest. Meri is just all over the place and I want to slap Christine most of the time. 
    Oh and Kody creeps me out.
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  • imageDC2London:
    I find that show fascinating.  IDK why Robin bugs me so much, but she does.  I won't be watching though, we fired our cable.

    Love that! That's why I don't have cable as well. The 3rd consecutive month they got our billing wrong I was all "I ONLY WATCH TLC AND FOOD NETWORK" and stomped off the phone. 



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