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Los Feliz "Moms to Be" Group

Hi Everyone!

I haven't had any luck finding any "moms to be" groups in the Los Feliz area and I would really like to try and start one:) 

My vision for the group would be to meet up for either weekly walks, prenatal yoga classes at Silverlake yoga, or visits to the Pump Station in Hollywood ( I heard that they have Happy Hours and serve mocktails).

We can also meet up for brunch or tea and share our experiences while building a small community.  We can have a baby book club and chat about what we've learned and support each other throughout the process. 

New and experienced mommies are welcomed too!   It would be great to learn from the pros and provide support for new moms. 

If anyone is interested, I would love to meet at Silverlake yoga to take a prenatal yoga class this week!  Reply to this post and/or send me a private email message.

A little about myself...I'm 39 - due in November - work full time and live with my hubby in Los Feliz.  This is my first baby and I am  having a boy!  I'm in the process of getting my registry together, planning a baby moon, and finally started walking on Saturdays.  I'm the last one in my circle of friends to have a baby so I don't have anyone to share this exciting experience with (except for DH).  Hope to hear from some of you soon!!


Re: Los Feliz "Moms to Be" Group

  • Hi Nancy, Congrats on your pregnancy!
    I'm in a similar situation. Pregnant with my first at 43, a little boy due on Christmas!
    My husband and I just move here from Berkeley - 3 weeks ago. We rented a house in East Hollywood (near Santa Monica and Vermont, close to Los Feliz) … I'm a writer/translator and work from home. We are still in the process of settling down (purchasing furniture, getting utilities set up, figuring out the closest supermarket, pharmacy, etc. I don't know too many people here, and don't know yet too many places, but would love to meet other FTMs to share, vent, and support one another. Because of the move and a pretty nauseous first trimester, I stopped working out as soon as I learned I was pregnant (was more into pilates) - I'm paying the consequences now! - Just this week I started practicing prenatal yoga via a website lifestream - in my near empty living room! - still learning! 
    Anyway. Just wanted to say hi and perhaps we get to meet sometime!
  • Hi Maggie,
    Sorry it took so long to reply. There was a glitch in the system and it wouldn't let me reply!!
    Anyway, welcome to Los Angeles!! and congrats on the baby!  feel free to email me whenever you get [email protected]
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  • I would be interested in this. I'm in the very early stage of my pregnancy, though.
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  • Hi Sophie, I will check out your website? Thank you! Hi pannk, not sure if you were referring to book club or Los Feliz walks or yoga. Either way, you are welcomed to both and you can email me directly. My email is in my 2nd post above. Have a great week!
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  • Hi everyone:

    I'm thrilled to see this post! I am 25 weeks pregnant, full-time journalist working in Alhambra, living in Los Feliz. I stopped puking about a month ago, so I'm slowly regaining energy and gaining a ton of weight! Please keep me updated on any gatherings. My greatest friends are all over the country. My LA friends are childless and may want to stay that way for quite some time.

    Looking forward to meeting you all!


  • Hi Lauren,

    Congrats on your pregnancy! - glad you are feeling better. I'm entering my 26th week and I can relate to the gaining weight part! 
    Feeling up for a lunch gathering this Sat? (Sept 21?) - I was recently at Rockwell (Vermont just north of Hollywood Blvd.), but it was so hot that weekend I could not enjoy what seemed like a nice place (I'm new to the area and just now finding good places to eat).  I'm willing to give it another chance, if you'd like to meet.… (I could be easily talked into trying another place.)

    Let me know,

    PS: Nancy!!!! - are you back from your baby moon? - want to finally get together? 

  • Hi all- I'm 29 and 10 weeks with my first (so somewhat earlier on than most here it seems). I live in LF with my husband and pup. I would love to stay informed of any upcoming preg get-togethers or post baby ones (:
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  • Hello Ladies,
    I am looking to meet some other pregnant moms to be. I am 7 -8 weeks pregnant and still walking around with "The Secret" :). I live around Franklin and Vermont and can meet up anywhere in the Los Feliz area pretty quickly. Email me if you want to get a tea or desert or go for a walk. I am open to whatever. I am 34. This is my 1 st baby and I work full time Monday- Friday 6:30am-4:00pm. I hope to meet you all soon! [email protected]
  • Hi All,

    I know this is an older thread, but wondering if there are any still-pregnant (or newly-pregnant) ladies in Los Feliz. I just moved here six months ago from San Francisco and am just about 11 weeks pregnant. Let me know!

  • DTLAmomDTLAmom member
    @babybeave‌ I sent you a message! I'm in downtown LA and would love to get together!
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  • Hi there. I'm in silver lake near sunset junction. I'm 39 1st pregnancy with twins. Due in December.
  • Hi all!

    I am a new mom to my 7 week old daughter and was hoping to meet some other moms in Los Feliz! Just checking back to see if there were any other new moms around looking to get together (: 
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