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Hi, I'm new here.  Throughout my pregnancy my blood pressure was slightly elevated.  Nothing that concerned any one but me.  I knew it was high for me but I had just moved to the area so my first visit with a new OB/GYN was my first prenatal visit so they had nothing to compare it to.  I mentioned it a couple of times but no one seem to be concerned/interested so I let it go.  At 30 weeks it spiked into the danger zone so they tested me for pre-e.  The tests came back negative and a week later my bp was out of the danger zone.  They put me on weekly visits from then on.  A couple of times it came close to the danger zone but didn't go back into it.  At 39w3d I went for my weekly visit and it was in the danger zone again.  Another round of testing for pre-e which was again negative.  At 39w5d I went in for another bp check.  Still high.  I was sent for induction.  They used cytotec.  At my childbirth class they told us about cytotec and made it sound very safe and mild.  No one told me the risks.  After 12 hours of labor I caved and got the epidural.  Labor got worse.  They took out the epidural and tried again, now the pain was gone.  I was 6cm.  They broke my water.   The next morning they gave me pitocin.  I was 4cm.  After 24 hours of labor I was on the operating table having the c-section I was terrified of.  I love my son, I am bonded to him.  But he might as well be adopted.  I do not feel like he came from my body.  I was pregnant.  I stopped being pregnant.  They handed me a baby.  I want another child.  My hospital has a VBAC ban.  I am terrified of surgery.  I'm looking into a VBAC but will have to travel about 45 minutes for all prenatal visits and to deliver.  The distance makes me nervous.  I'm afraid my blood pressure will go up again and I'll have to be induced which will set me up for another surgery.  In which case I might as well have used the local hospital.  I'm just trying to sort all of this out.  
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