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looking for obgyn

Looking for obgyn in the dayton area. I live in eaton just got pregnant doing ivf with IRH in cincinnat and i knw after 12 weeks if i am no longer high risk i will need to see a regular obgyn in my area. Any help would be great!I would like to find an ob that goes to miami valley south if possble.

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  • I'm using Oak Creek OBGYN.  They have offices in Beavercreek, Centerville, and Springboro.  Not sure about the hospitals yet because I haven't had my first prenatal.  I don't know enough about the local hospitals to be picky, which is probably a good thing.
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  • ck3121ck3121 member
    Check out Dayton Ohio Moms on FB for some suggestions
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  • I posted the following info on someone else's question a while back, but I highly recommend my doc. 

    I absolutely love my OBGYN, Dr. Wood of Miami Valley Women's Health. He is the best doctor - of any kind - that I've ever been to. The practice has offices at MVH and MVH South.

     When my daughter was in the NICU at MVH after birth last winter, one of her NICU nurses who was expecting told us that all the nurses there see Dr. Wood, that he is the best!

    Berry Women's Health Pavilion at MVH
    Miami Valley Hospital
    One Wyoming Street
    Suite 4140
    Dayton, OH 45409

    Miami Valley Hospital South
    2350 Miami Valley Drive
    Suite 530
    Centerville, OH 45459

    Phone Number:

    (937) 208-4110

  • totally second Dr. Wood. he delivered my daughter and is so great!
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  • I see Dr. Crouch at Women's Health Specialists. They actually have an office in Miami Valley South, though I chose to deliver at Miami Valley (I did all my prenatal visits at Miami Valley South). Good luck!
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