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Has anyone seen Dr. Burwinkle at the Institute for Reproductive Health?  I have an appointment with him in two weeks and just wondering what to expect.


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  • I did. We loved him. My OB had already dx PCOS and my DH had already had a SA so Dr. B went over his results and ran some tests for my PCOS toconfirm it. He went over what other tests we would need and a plan of action. If you have any other questions let me know. He was really easygoing and made us feel comfortable.
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  • I had a consult with him when we were TTC our second baby. He was very friendly and straight to the point. We didn't end up needing his assistance but I would definitely go see him again if we need help with the next baby.

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  • Thanks, ladies. I have endometriosis and my hubby had an abnormal SA. Looking forward to hearing what dr. Burwinkel has to say.
  • I saw him and didn't care for him at all.  The entire visit felt like I was talking to a used car salesman and he kept pushing me toward donor eggs.

    I was with Dr. Chin prior to seeing Dr. B and had to switch because at the time Dr. Chin was only doing IUI and we met with Dr. B for an IVF consult.  I left his office crying and never went back.   We ended up going to see Dr. Dipaola at  and loved her. 

    I recently heard that Dr. Chin is once again doing IVF at  I loved him and would highly reccomend him to anyone with infertility issues.

    Good luck!  I hope your visit with Dr. Burwinkle ends up better than mine did.

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  • I love IRH. Dr Scheiber was my primary doc there, but I knew all 3 of them.

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  • I am currently under the care of Dr. Burwinkle and we are 2ww after our 1st IUI. He was awesome. We love the office (especially west Chester) and they made the whole process enjoyable and comfortable. Prayers for babies!!!
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