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Looking for OB reccommendations

Just found out we are 5 weeks pregnant and now are looking for a good OB to set up our first appt with in the south windsor/ manchester/ bloomfield area. Any suggestions? Hospital recommendations? Im feeling a bit overwhelmed

Re: Looking for OB reccommendations

  • St Francis is great, they made me feel as if I was the only pregnant woman in the hospital yet they were at capacity.
  • Dr. Yanna Karabatos, Woodland Women's Health Center, She has a Hartford Office and delivers at St. Francis Hospital. I can't say enough about her, absolutely amazing, best bed side manner in the world!!

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    Went to OBGYN in August 2013-Referred us to UCONN RE in September 2013

    Me (31):  Blood / Ultrasound / HSG / SIS- All Great  -  DH (32): SA is very low

    DH met with Urologist nothing is "wrong" just very low count and low mobility

    RE 1st Consult October 31, 2013 - Male Infertility Dx.

    RE Appointment on 1/15/14-Decided on 1st IUI

    IUI Cycle #1-Clomid 50mg 2/14-BFN

    We decided to take a break for 3/14-4/14

    IUI Cycle #2-Clomid 50 mg 5/9-BFN

    IUI Cycle #3-(RE Office called us in for a back to back IUI for another SA) 5/12-BFN

    *Husband's count is still very low post wash however after 4+ months on supplements, vitamins, and a healthy lifestyle (aka no beer)  his mobility has doubled! I am very happy for him, small victories!

    May 2014-RE wants us to progress to IVF as 3 failed IUI's.

    IVF Seminar meeting on 6/12 & then meeting with RE on 7/9 to come up with our plan for our miracle baby!

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  • I use CT Multi Specialty group. Offices in Bloomfield, Wethersfield and Hartford. I see Dr Cortland but have met all Drs in the practice and they are all fantastic. Highly reccomend them. They deliver at Hartford Hospital, I had a wonderful experience there as well. Good luck!

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    Starting ALL over with a fresh IVF cycle

    Stims start 11/28/14, ER December 10th, 13 eggs retrieved, 11 mature, only 4 fertilized 

    1 Blast Transferred on December 15th..... Beta Christmas Eve... Please Santa, bring me a baby!

    Beta #1 345.....Beta #2....750/ First U/S 1/13/15/HB 131....EDD 9/2/2015

  • Manchester obgyn. They have midwives and obgyn's. Love them
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