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Qs for developmental pedi

My dd is in ei and has been since 17 months. About two months ago they retested her using the Mullen test and her overall scores were delayed. The test wasn't really reflective of her abilities-for example she tested with a severe gross motor delay because she couldn't follow the instruction of walking with one foot touching a line along with a few other things. We had a pt come out for a month who determined she had no gross motor issues and was actually advanced in some skills like being able to walk up stairs without holding on and rotating feet. I'm glad to have ruled it out but it's kind of frustrating that we spent time on something unnecessary. She had a definitive receptive language delay and motor planning difficulties so she has issues with traditional standardized testing. The only other testing we've done to date is for autism. She was only two so the developmental pedi wasn't 100% comfortable ruling it out, but she would be the first kid she would have dx with such developed play/social skills if it were true down the road. She does have some autistic characteristics like stimming and communication difficulties. 

is there any sort of testing that the developmental pedi could administer that might give us a more accurate view of her abilities? I mean, on one hand I'm glad the scores were low because it will help us obtain more services moving forward. On the other hand, I'd really like to know where she truly is so we can focus our energy appropriately.

Any words of wisdom from those who have btdt? 

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