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Back story.. Joshua 4 now is doing better than earlier in life. My son was 40wks GA at birth perfectly healthy when he was 15 months old we moved across 1/2 the country fom Nevada to Texas before the move SD was hitting all his makers before his expected time after the move he stoped talking at ALL!!! not one word sound nothing for 8 months. Well we ended up moving back eventually and the Dr said he had a mental breakdown to cause mental delays to happen. He started pre-school last year at age 3 so he coud be enrolled in Speech Therapy the teacher/ therapist were fabulous!!! i love them and see a huge improvment in my boy. Well my hubby is out of work and looking like were are on the move once again and i have mini anxieties about the trama that will do to my son. I really hope that I can gain some support from being apart of this borad. thanks
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