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Midwives/CNMs/Birth Centers? OKC area

I'm looking for a birth center that is run by midwives or has CNMs that you'd recommend in the OKC Area? 
I am wanting to do a natural, drug free birth and just recently researched my options. I'm looking for anyone who can recommend a midwife/cnm that is covered by Tricare Prime. Thank You

Re: Midwives/CNMs/Birth Centers? OKC area

  • I've chosen to go with OU Physicians - Nurse Midwives downtown OKC. Debbie Melser is my primary care midwife. They are hospital-based CNMs and so far, I love the clinic and the staff! We have Tricare Standard and they accept that. According to the information provided at my first appointment, you have many choices when it comes to your labor and birth. I want to labor in a warm tub and deliver in a position that is NOT on my back and I can do that at this place. 
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  • Jmom10Jmom10 member
    I'm not sure about the insurance part but I've had recommendations from two friends who used community midwives in Norman. They just got a new birthing center and partner with an OU physician if needed.

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  • Thanks girls! I would really like to switch to them but I do not think they take Tricare Prime. I know they take Standard though. I'm at Renaissance Women's Center & I'm not sure if it is the right place for me since they really do not have that midwifery model of care. My husband says it's too late to switch & plus that OU Physicians may not take Prime so hopefully my experience at Renaissance goes well. If not I will not be with them next pregnancy. 
  • Not sure if you've had your baby yet or not, but there are no midwives other than OU that currently take insurance. Most will give you the forms to file, however. Dawn Karlin CNM is opening her own center in January and will accept insurance but that is a ways off.
  • Leanna Harkess at OU delivered my baby... She's the head of the dept. absolutely amazing!!
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