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So I'm thinking that I have finally decided on a crib mattress! I going to get the Naturpedic No Compromise Organic Cotton mattress. Are crib mattresses generally the same standard size? I would hate for it to not fit in the crib...

Has anyone used the mattress and loved it? Or hated it?

Thanks for any advice! 

Re: crib mattress

  • I love our mattress. I can't remember the brand name - I got it at buy buy baby. It is organic cotton stuffed with cocoa fibres..if I remember correctly. The weave is tight, so it is waterproof and it smelled like nothing at all when it came out of the wrapper.

    usually manufacturers have a list of recommended mattresses for their cribs. It's important to observe those dimensions - including thickness. I didn't buy the recommended mattress but I used the dimensions recommended by the company and then tested the mattress out - snug and tight fit, and a safe height. 

  • thanks for the advice!
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  • I have used this for my first son for almost 4 years now. It's great, really thick and holds up even with his jumping on it all the time.  It is heavy and a tight fit in the crib which makes it a bit of a pain to change sheets,but worth it.
  • I'm sure this is coming too late!  But for anyone else reading, or in case original poster is thinking to switch, we found the naturepedic too thin and a little smelly when it first arrived.  We really, really like Obasan natural rubber mattresses with wool outer.  Very comfy, breathable, supportive and thick.  Made in Ottawa, Canada. :)
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