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EEEEE!!!! So excited!

My OB I agreed on attempting the VBAC today! I'm 31 weeks, measuring 33. Our first baby was delivered vaginally with meds, our second was an emergency c section. I have been going back and forth with this one but had been feeling pushed to rcs. But today he said I'm in good shape to deliver vaginally and I can still have my tubes tied while I'm at the hospital so there's no additional recovery time. I'm so thrilled!
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Re: EEEEE!!!! So excited!

  • That's great news!  My first was also a vaginal delivery followed by a c-section with my second.  I'm hoping for a VBAC this time around (any day now would be fine with me).  Best of luck with your delivery!



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  • Thank you! And likewise! :D
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  • Wonderful! Good luck!
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