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sesame place w/ a stroller

if you've done sesame with a stroller how does that work?  I'd push him around most of the rides, but what about when you're doing the water park stuff.  Is there a place to leave a stroller or do you just leave it to the side and hope no one messes with it?  Can you lock it up?

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  • I'm sure there are stroller parking areas that you can leave it. I wouldn't leave anything valuable in it but I wouldn't worry about anyone messing with it or stealing it unless you have a really high end stroller (and I'd bring a cheaper one if so). There are cabana like things there that you can rent for the day to store a whole bunch of stuff if I recall, though pricey, ppl probably use them more if they're going in a group... They have lockers for $19/day on their website but they don't give dimensions.

    totally unrelated but pay for the VIP parking. Totally worth it esp if you get caught in a massive downpour like we did ;)

  • we would be bringing our Bob, a pretty nice stroller, so I'd want to lock up the stroller itself.  We were also thinking of staying at a hotel with a shuttle but that would be a huge pia with the stroller, so I'm thinking we should just drive, last year we parked at the mall, the walk wasn't bad and we saved ourselves paying for parking.  DH has his heart set on staying somewhere with a shuttle, and doesn't think we even need to take a stroller (he doesn't go out much with the 2 kids on his own so he doesn't really get it)
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  • shannmshannm member
    I have found that if you leave it most people won't mess with it. Just don't leave valuables.

    Your other option is to rent a cabana. Pricey but nice to have a space to call your own.

  • We go there often---about once every week/two weeks or so. First thing we do is get a locker to keep our valuables in. (cell phones, wallet, etc). We bring our umbrella stroller, and we always park it with the other strollers. However the only things in it are non-valuables: diapers, snacks, towels, clothes etc. We have been there about 4 or 5 times this year so far and have never had a problem with it.

    Definitely bring the stroller though--you will want something to place towels and things in when you aren't using it. We also use it for my daughter so she can sit and have her snacks going from one place to another. (We don't buy food at the park)  

    My daughter is my hero.
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