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Since I think this is a bad idea it probably is....but

Since I think this is a bad idea it probably is, but could I do a first birthday party at Michaels (the craft store)? 
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Re: Since I think this is a bad idea it probably is....but

  • Yeah, I need to know more.  Who are you inviting?  If a lot of kids will be there who are in the craft age (like over the age of 3), it could be fun for them. But if the party will be mostly YOUNG kids (around 1) and/or adults - it honestly would be a very boring party. 


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  • Thanks for the replies.  It would mostly be very young kids and adults.  Someone said that the idea was selfish (and that's true).  I guess I knew it was a bad idea, but I got blinded by how much I would love the party.  That's really craptastic of me.
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  • I think parties for 1 year olds are about the parents anyway. My kid didn't give a hoot when he was one (didn't give too much of one when he turned two either)...

    However, occupying the birthday kid would probably make the party not as much fun for you. 

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  • You could set up a crafting table that goes with the theme of the party? For my DD's party, I was planning on getting those dollar chests and bird houses from Michael's for the kids to paint and decorate. Her birthday is princess themed so I'll just toss in some fake jewels and a shitton of glitter so it matches the theme.
  • I think it sounds a little odd for a 1st bday. I'd pick a location where your LO would be more comfy.

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  • Yeah, not a good idea for a 1yr old, maybe in a couple of years you could have your (LO's) craft party
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