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Hospital recommendation Nyack

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Hey ladies, I just wanted to share my experience delivering at Nyack hospital this month. All of the nurses in both the labor and delivery and mother/ baby unit were really supportive and helpful. I planned a medfree childbirth and the doctors and nurses were so incredibly encouraging. I was able to move around during labor and walk around if I wanted to. Once the baby was born, they cleaned her up and I was able to hold and nurse the baby right away. We stayed in the mother/baby unit for two days and were able to room in with the baby with the option of taking the baby to the nursery when I needed to rest, shower, etc. The nurses gave me a lot of great tips throughout my stay at the hospital in relation to postpartum recovery, infant care, breastfeeding, etc. The lactation consultants were also great. Overall I had a great experience and highly recommend the hospital.
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Re: Hospital recommendation Nyack

  • Thank you so much for your posting! I just moved to Nyack and don't know a soul, so this is super helpful.

    I'm in search of a good doctor now - any recommendations?
  • I live in North Rockland but OB-GYN of Rockland (In Stony Point) and Comprehensive ObGyn in Pomona are both great.  Dr. Hostin delivered my little one this time around and she was very supportive throughout my labor and delivery.
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  • I use Tara Scaglione at Comprehensive ObGyn and she is wonderful. Dr. Hostin and Stavis see patients at the Nyack Hospital office and they are good too. I am partial to Tara because I have been seeing her for 16 years now. she does not deliver at Nyack though. Dr. Stavis was there when I delivered my son. The nurses at the hospital were wonderful in both labor and delivery and mother/baby.
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    Thank you for posting this! I am due in 2 weeks and delivering at Nyack. I have been a patient of Tara Scagione's or years. She is wonderful, but I'm a little upset she doesn't do the deliveries. I've met with Dr. Stavis who I also really like, and her and Dr. Hostin see patients in their office in Nyack Hospital which is nice also.
  • I'm so glad you had a great experience! I had the opposite when I delivered my son there in 2009; so bad that I switched to Valley Hospital in NJ to have my daughter in 2012. In Rockland, I recommend Dr. Peter Simonson in Suffern, and I have NOTHING but wonderful things to say about Dr. Paul Dicker in Ridgewood.

    I do NOT recommend Obs-Gyn of Rockland in New City. They ignored complaints that I was feeling ill in my first pregnancy and missed complications that landed me in the ICU.
  • I'm happy to read that there were positive experiences at Nyack Hospital.  I was reading another post/thread saying that Nyack wasn't so great.  I also go to Comprehensive and have been for several years now.  This is my first so needless to say I am overall excited but nervous! =)
    We can't wait for our baby girl to arrive!
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