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Just for SnG's

What did your "family" look like as a kid? Like, how did you imagine your life to be?

I was going to have 5 boys named Harley, Ryland, Timothy and I wasnt sure about the other 2. We were going to live in the back country of Georgia and go to church every sunday. I was going to be a SAHM and cook everything from scratch.





Re: Just for SnG's

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    I didn't have one. Even when I was really little. Actually, until I met DH I didn't plan on getting married. In college everyone assumed I'd be a 50 year old biker chick heading to the pub to pick up guys half my age. Then I met DH and ended up being the first married in our niche and then the first to have a child.
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    I think I always pictured myself as a working mom. My "family" included boy/girl twins: Glen & Gwen : )
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