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What were your experiences delivering at Sibley?

Hi All! I am going to an OB from a practice who all deliver at Sibley (Capital Women's Care). I am in MoCo located about midway between Shady Grove and Sibley, so it's a toss up as far as proximity/convenience. In looking at the Sibley maternity info. online, I get the feeling that they are somewhat more dated than other area hospitals-- both in their facility as well as with policies that seem quite traditional/conventional (limit to two people in the delivery room, shared recovery room, etc.). I would love to hear your experiences delivering at Sibley so that I can make a switch to a different OB practice early on, if necessary. Also, if you have delivered anywhere else in Western MoCo, I would love to hear what you recommend. Thanks for sharing! 

Re: What were your experiences delivering at Sibley?

  • I absolutely loved delivering at Sibley this past April. The nurses were wonderful. Very calming and very attentive if I wanted them to be. I am not from the DC area and was in your same boat. The hospital was clean, and my room was spacious enough. I did pay the $250+ dollars each night I was there in order to get a private room. Also, I had a c-section and the nurse prior to delivery was amazing. I was a bit nervous and she made it a lot easier. Highly recommend Sibley. Good luck to you!
  • My nephew was born at Sibley and stayed at the NICU for a week. SIL and BIL have nothing but good things to say.
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