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Pullup at night anyone?

Does anyone's child wear a pullup at night? My 4.5 yr old son has been potty trained since he was 2.5. We have been waking him up to use the bathroom and when we don't sometimes he will wet the bed sometimes he will wake up. I really didn't want to put a pullup back on him but he needs to wake himself up. And he always drinks a little water before going to bed always has. Any other parent's child in one at night?

Re: Pullup at night anyone?

  • jc&catjc&cat member

    Sounds like our DSs are the same age. Yes, he wears a goodnight pull up every night despite being trained for ages in the daytime. If you scroll through the posts on this board you might find a similar postings which helped me. Basically it's difficult especially for boys since it's a matter of muscular strength in the bladder which will develop over time.

    We never woke DS up intentionally to use the bathroom at night. I told him when he is big, he will wake up on his own and go if he needs too. I'm not 100% sure how to direct this but what I read/hear is that this is par for the course.

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  • YES, DD (4.5) still wears a pull-up at night but SHE DOES NOT NEED TO. She is dry every morning, but we can't get her out of the Pull-Up. It's a security thing now. For the longest time I said I wasn't going to buy more, and we were done with Pull-ups, and that she was fine w/out them...tried all kinds of other stuff....finally she was down to one worn-out pull up that she was wearing over and over again and she seemed legitimately panicky about not having more so I broke down, bought more, and figured we'd deal with this later. 

    We're moving this week and I'm going to get through the move and the "getting settled" time before I even try to deal with this again. 

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  • Our just-turned 5 year old DD still NEEDS one every night. She is a hard/deep sleeper and does not wake up for this need. While annoying to us because of need to still purchase pullups, we understand that this is just a developmental milestone that she will eventually hit. Interestingly, she was fairly young when she toilet trained.
  • DD is 3.5, has been day trained for almost a year, and still wears a pull up at night.  She'll make it through the night without peeing about 50% of the time.
  • DD1 was potty trained at 2.5 years and wore a pull up at night until she turned 6. Before that, she wouldn't wake up even if she was wet. At 6 she just started waking if she needed to go.
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  • rsd12rsd12 member
    My middle son is still on one and I am not concerned he is 5 and a half. He has been using the toilet for both since he was 25 months old.

    My oldest was 4 when he stArted staying dry at night.

    My youngest has been dry since he was 2 and a half... He does not need a training pant, but we keep him in one... I don't want my middle son to get upset. He will be 4 in September.
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  • This was DS and I'll offer hope b/c I wrote many desperate posts about this same issue!

    DS was 4.5 in December and still wet through a pull up everynight. But I thought that he was just peeing first thing in the AM..... So we decided to take him pee in the night and eliminate the pull up. It took about a month of setting our alarm to take him 3 times a night. Now, 7 months later, we will take him before we go to bed. He stays almost fully asleep and just pees and goes right back to bed. Once or twice a month he will still wet the bed. He is a sound sleeper and if he is overtired or had a little extra to drink accidents happen. 


    I am so thankful to not have him in pullups anymore. He was getting a rash everynight. 

    Try it and see how it goes! :)

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  • My feeling is that if he regularly wets at night, then he should probably be in a pull up.  However, if it just happens sometimes I'd just double sheet/waterproof pad the bed & deal with that.  My 6yo goes in stages where she will pee the bed, then go for long periods where she doesn't.  Since it's not a regular thing, I don't see the need for a pull up.  Water/no water doesn't really seem to matter w/her- I mean, I don't let her drink a ton, but it really doesn't seem to make a difference.  They will be dry when their bodies are developmentally ready!
  • My 4 yr old does for sure and I don't anticipate him being out of it for some time as he is a late PTer and still not poop trained. I have a friend whose daughter night trained late (1st grade) and finally had success w/ some sort of alarm (i dont know anything about how it worked) in her underwear/pjs. The mom also was a late nighttime trainer and the dr told her some kids just dont have the right sensation or something along those lines.
    i'm not too worried about it, personally.
  • imagewife07mom09:
    Yes for 3.5 but I switched to cloth pull ups at night to save. Works for us. Yes annoying but my dd sleps very deeply and just isn't able to hold all night. She tries. I m hoping by 5 we will be out of this. Try not to stress I know it is frustrating

    Which cloth pull ups do you use?

  • DS is 3 and has been potty trained for about 6 months.  He wears a pull up, but he is dry at least 90% of the time, and has been asking to wear underpants to bed.  I think we are going to bite the bullet and give it a try soon.  But the age at which a kid can usually last through the night without peeing varies greatly, and there's no reason to be concerned about your DS.

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  • My son has been potty trained since the week he turned 2 years old and he still wears a pull up at night. He will wake up with it dry 50% of the time, I really feel that when he is ready he will just begin to wake up dry 100% of the time. 
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  • DD will be 4.5 in September and both her and DS who is 3 both wear pull ups to bed, they both were potty trained by 2. I was concerned but our ped says its normal.
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  • Our son is 5 (since SUnday : ) and has been using the toilet during the day for a year or so. He really doesn't want to wear a pull up at night so we let him stop- he is dry most of the time BUT during summer he is drinking a crazy amount of water at night (too excited and busy during the day I think) and was wetting the bed so I told him he has to ether wear the pull up or start drinking his water before 7 at night (instead of polishing off a sippy during story time and asking for a refill during snuggles). He is wearing the pull up and almost always dry- lots of people are doing it. I'm not worried although I hate to be basically making him wear one- I just couldn't deal with the constant changing sheets in the middle of the night. He doesn't wake up to pee.
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  • yup!  my kiddo has been day trained since 2.5 too, but he still wears (and wets) a pullup every night.  we keep a sippy of water in his bed, and i know he drinks it during the night.  he's not a big guzzler during the day, so i'm fine with him drinking (and peeing) at night at this point.  he's 3 1/4.
  • potty training and night time potty training are two completely different things, during the day the child is aware and can pick up the habit/routine but at night child is soley reliant on senses that will awaken the body to use the bathroom, this can take much longer to happen and every child is different. when the childs body is mature enough to wake them up at night it will. (we read this in an article while potty training, we used the fellom method and it only took two weeks, yes still using pull up every night at age 3, but doesnt wet every single night)
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