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my husband still thinks im amazing

so a lil backstory daughter was diagnosed with gastroschisis at my 18 week ultrasound and that meant that I would b induced at or around 37 weeks.i was scheduled to be induced july 5th but due to a lack of beds and some other rcrap excuse they gave me at the hospital I was 1:30 in the morning on the 6th my water broke at home.we went straight to triage in labour and deleivery and they confirmed that's wat was happening.they wouldn't admit me to a labour room until they kew for sure thay had room in the picu for my daughter due to her condition so we waited for awhile and then we got the 7:30 I was admitted in to labour and delivery I was still only at 1 cm and was fully effaced.i was having a few mild contractions but still was not progressing so they decided that they still wanted to give me around 9:30 they started my drip and in 45 min I was at 6 cm and needed to have and epidural because I was in such awful pain and wouldn't have been able to puch because it was tireing me out having them come right on top of eachother.i would not have made it even that far if it hadn't been for my husband....who at the time was in pain from watching me b in so much pain.after that I went straight to 10 cm and after a lil pushing they realized the cord was wrapped around her head and decided to help her a lil and vacume suctioned her part way out and cut the more push and there she was.she was whisked away so they could attend to her because of her condition and after a very brief visit with me she and my husband went down to the nicu and the next day she had her surgery which was a success and now she rests in the hospital until she heals and can come home to mommy and daddy

Re: my husband still thinks im amazing

  • T and P for your girl!  Congrats!

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  • My son was born with gastroschisis two years ago next month! Congrats on having such a strong little fighter. Our gastro babies are made up of something very special. Here's to a short NICU stay and fast recovery for mama and baby! :D


    PS: There is a wonderful support group on facebook full of parents and grandparents and even grown gastro babies themselves. They are wonderful source of help and really got us through some tough times. You can also feel free to PM any questions if you want :)

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