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Kansas City Childcare Costs

Hi there,

Can anyone give me an idea of how much infant care costs? I have heard that in-home care can be cheaper, but nobody posts their rates online.

I am due in January, and up til now, I have assumed it would be most cost-effective for me to go back to work (though I would LOVE to stay at home). I realized that if it really is very expensive, it might make more sense for me to stay at home. I only make 25K a year, so it's not like we're rolling in money.

Any ideas about monthly cost? $500?$800?$1500? I have no idea.

Thank you! 

Re: Kansas City Childcare Costs

  • Thanks for your feedback!
  • Yep I'd plan on easily 600 on the low end and 1000 as average. And upwards on that 1200+ wouldn't be unheard of.

    With your salary -- would it be possible to take another type of job where you worked evenings / weekends so you could stay home during the day?? You'd really one need to bring in $10k since you'd be saving $15k of daycare costs.
  • Since I posted this, my husband went back to grad school and is going to shoot to be a SAHD/ Grad Student. I was able to shift my hours so that we won't have to pay for childcare at all (assuming he's able to perform both roles- fingers crossed)!

    Thanks so much for you input. Are you in the KC area, too?

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