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What yogurt do you give your LO? I'd like one very low in sugar but not just plain bc she doesn't eat purees anymore so I don't have any on hand to mix daily. I'd like a flavored Greek yogurt but they all have so much sugar in fhem! Any suggestions?

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  • Could you buy applesauce?

    All the ones I've seen low in sugar have artifical sweetners - and I wouldn't do that.

    All that said - the formula we are using - first ingredient is sugar so though I still worry I've stopped worrying too much...  

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  • steverstever member
    Greek yogurt with applesauce or other purees gets my vote.
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  • Plain yogurt and add in your own fruit puree
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  • The healthiest one I can find is Fage - it comes in single serving portions of 2% milk yogurt with fruit jam on the side. It's lower in sugar than most, and no high fructose corn syrup.

    But it's only 2% milk, so I still prefer their whole milk yogurt and mixing in my own fruit for LO. They are a great snack for me, though :)

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  • Have you tried the pouches with yogurt and fruit? I have a really hard time finding whole milk yogurt and he doesn't always want to let me feed him these days. He won't always hold the pouches, but he has figured out how to suck out of them and LOVES them. Some brands even make Greek Yogurt pouches.
  • LO actually loves plain yogurt, so I just buy a container of stoneyfield whole milk plain.
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  • alli84alli84 member
    I've been getting the Yoplait baby yogurt from Target. O gobbles it right up! There are only two flavors though, but O doesn't seem to mind. :)

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  • banana is an easy one to mash with the back of a spoon and mix into yogurt. i do plain stoneyfield whole milk, either large container or yo baby sized.
  • I give him Mountain High Original Style, which is full fat and very affordable. They sell a vanilla flavor that isn't high in sugar as well as a strawberry. 
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  • Stoneyfield plain. I can only find it in the health food section of my grocery stores which is away from all the other yogurts.
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    We give my son yo baby from stoneyfield. It's whole milk and low in sugar. I actually like it better for me too since its not as sweet.

    Also, we used to give the pouches but realized they did not have probiotics since they were not refrigerated.
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  • I give him Mountain High Original Style, which is full fat and very affordable. They sell a vanilla flavor that isn't high in sugar as well as a strawberry. 
    This. We only give her the plain kind. We mix in unsweetened apple sauce for flavor.
  • we do yo baby yogurt.  it's whole milk and all organic.  not too high in sugar. 
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  • Whole milk plain yogurt with fruit mixed in (blueberries, peaches, banana, or applesauce). Super easy and those fruits don't need puréed.
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  • We just started trying yogurt, DD loves strawberry Danonino. I plan to try the yo baby and yoplait baby yogurt next time.
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  • A give her Chobani champions. It's really the only processed thing she gets so in not too concerned.

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