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Would you become a therapist for the sake of your child?

It has crossed my mind but I doubt I have the discipline of school or the money to go. 


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  • The idea is very tempting...but in the end I don't think it would work for most people. I have a background in special Ed and behavior and I work with my son a little every day on his speech issues. I find that when it comes to things I implement very easily with other kids, I really struggle when the child is my own. It's much more of an emotional struggle. I think it's great to educate yourself and do some things on the side. But to put the extra burden on yourself of mom and then therapist is a lot and probably best left to someone else. I know we as moms want to go above and beyond because we never feel like we're doing enough...
  • No I wouldn't. I'm a nurse and that's taxing enough. The only therapy I want to be responsible for is my own child's, and anymore that's more than I can handle.
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  • no frickin way. 
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  • I am just curious.

    One of my sister's friend wants to go to OT school to help her son who has autism.

    I know myself to well that I would not go that far.

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  • No.  My children qualified for speech therapy at 18 months... I didn't take EI up on it as I'm the area SLP (and they were developing just slowly)... but it's a totally different relationship to be the mom than the therapist.  


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