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bumGenius Econobum Diapers

FTM....Anyone have suggestions on whether or not I should use these? Preferably mommies with experience please!! 

Re: bumGenius Econobum Diapers

  • Hi, I have used both. I am not a fan or BG, they do not seem to fit well for my son and the elastic in my went laxed quicker than my china dipes. 

    I love Econobum they seem to run on the bigger side for the covers, as far as the prefolds I pretty much could only trifold them because they only come in a one standard size. The covers are OS.

    But overall Ive never had any issues with EB and the price is awesome too.

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  • You might want to x-post this on the cloth diapering board. I have the Econobums trial pack (1 cover + 3 prefolds) and I think it is good enough but 1) the prefolds are shaped for the trifold and not much else 2)the cover is uber plain and my hubs thinks it gives LO a rash (I didn't think so, but use it less out of respect for his concern). 

    If you want to go the prefold & cover route, check out Kawaii's package of 2 dozen prefolds + 4-6 covers for $50. Sale ends 7/25.  

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  • thanks ladies!!
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