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How to Find the Best Baby Products?

Sparkle45Sparkle45 member
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My friend said that there is a book which details the top baby items. Does anyone know the name of this book? Is it worth it or better just to ask your friends?

Re: How to Find the Best Baby Products?

  • It's by consumer reports. It's better to just pay for the membership to the online consumer reports. It was very helpful...
  • hazy19hazy19 member
    I think it's called baby bargains.  My best tool is going on amazon and reading actual reviews's hw I made most of my decisions and I feel like its the most 'real' advice.
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  • rblucyrblucy member
    A ton of people recommended Baby Bargains to me.  I've been working my way through it and it's been really helpful.  I'm still going to do some of my own research to see what's best for me, but I've found this as a great starting point since this stuff is so overwhelming!
  • Thank you so much!!! Going to get it ASAP!!! Thank you all who responded!!!!
  • BabyToGoBabyToGo member
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