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Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself as I probably will be posting/lurking on this board from now on.
DH and I have been TTC for almost 4 years. We have done 9 IUIs w/ one chemical pregnancy and 2 IVFs w/ one chemical pregnancy. We have unexplained IF. We are currently waiting to be referred to a different clinic, but wouldn't be able to do another IVF for at least 6 months to a year because we are OOP and need to save.

We have made the decision to start the adoption process through our provincial government. We went to an adoption info session on July 11 and it was very informative and definitely made me feel like we are making the right decision. We most likely won't be adopting a baby, because there aren't very many babies available for adoption through the government. DH and I have agreed we would be willing to adopt a child up to age 4. These children all have at least one special need, but that can be moderate to severe. It will be challenging but we are so excited for this new direction we are taking.
Any tips and T&P are greatly appreciated. :)

Started TTC Aug '09
Me: 24, HSG=clear, normal hormone levels, regular cycles, insulin resistance
DH: 25, SA normal
Dx Unexplained Infertility Oct '11
3 cycles of Clomid w/ TI =BFN
IUI#1 Jan. 23 w/ Clomid =BFN
IUI#2 Feb. 19 w/ Clomid =BFN
IUI#3 Mar. 16 w/ Clomid= Apr. 1 beta=8, very faint BFP w/ ClearBlue test...Apr. 2 @ 9pm-BFN w/ ClearBlue...Apr. 3- spotting and cramping...Apr. 5, confirmed c/p.
IUI#4 May. 16 w/ Clomid =BFN
IUI#5 Jun. 11 w/ Clomid =BFN
IUI#6 Jul. 6 w/ Gonal-F 75units + Ovidrel =BFN
TI w/ Gonal-F 75units + Ovidrel =BFN
IUI#7 Aug. 28 w/ Gonal-F 125units + Ovidrel =BFN
Break cycle=BFN
IUI#8 Oct. 20 w/ Gonal-F 125units + Ovidrel + Progesterone =BFN
IUI#9 Nov. 13 w/ Gonal-F 150units + Ovidrel + Acupuncture + Progesterone =BFN
IVF#1-- ER Mar. 3: 9R, 7M, 7F. ET scheduled for Mar. 8



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