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Intro and used mattress?

Hi everyone. Please pardon my squishing my intro and question together! DH and I are expecting our first, (a little boy due dec '13). We have been searching high and low for safe, organic and eco-friendly furniture for our LO and are somewhat new to the scene.

My question is this: DH and I found a organic greenguard certified crib by Young American that's only a year old for sale on craigslist that we are planning to purchase. It's a great deal and the photos show it to be in incredible condition. The family has only had one child who recently outgrew it and were very into eco-friendly and organic products.

With it they are also selling a naturepedic no compromise organic mattress. Everything I read from lurking previous posts says Naturepedic is a great brand of organic mattress. They are selling it for less than half it's retail price and I can probably talk them down more, but I'm wondering, do you think it's creepy to buy a used mattress for our newborn? Naturally I would have to take a look at it, but DH seems turned off by the idea and I'm honestly not sure. Any thoughts?


Re: Intro and used mattress?

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    Personally I would not buy a used mattress unless it was from someone I know REALLY well, bed bugs creep me out. I would also consider getting a "less" green mattress and airing it out really well then saving for a better twin. 

    Part of my reasoning is that my DD (10 months old) roomed in with us for seven months, and now that she is in her crib in her room she is already trying to scale her crib so I don't think she will be using the mattress for too long.

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    I did for my 2nd.  Just super check it out.  The matresses are made to be peed on honestly, and easily wipe clean, so it's not like buying an adult matress.
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