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ASD and summer fun

DD gets easily overwhelmed by large groups of kids and is very scared of loud noises. We want to get out and do things that are fun for her but am not sure what works. The beach is soso, she is getting used to it but hates the splash pad. We thought she would love it because she loves baths. We go on walks or to the playground a lot. Also, as a side note, we live in an apartment and have no yard, but there is grassy areas near by.

what do you do with your ASD kiddo or noise sensitive kiddo for summer fun?

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  • Not an ASD mom (yet) but Nate and I really enjoy going to Petsmart or Petco and looking at all the different animals. It's kinda like having a pet without the cleanup.

    ETA: Our local museums have children's programs all year long. We are going to one that they talk read a story about horses and I think there is a little art project involving horses.

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  • A couple of things that come to mind -- a couple of our local museums have special hours (usually a couple of hours on a weekday morning) once a month or so that they set aside for kids with SN and turn down noisy displays, limit the crowd, etc. 

    There's also Sensory Friendly films at AMC theaters, where they leave the lights on and turn down the movie volume and let you bring in your own snacks.  


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  • I have twin boys that get bored sooo easily. A couple of things that we've done.
    I got a large bucket for 5 at target. I fill it with water, sometimes I put bubble bath solution, just go spice it up. Maybe you could do this in a balcony or the small yard.
    Get a plastic shower liner and finger paint, squirt some paint and let her go crazy with it. Messy but this helps with sensory issues. I also do this in the bathtub.

    Mix 2 cup of cornstarch and one cup of water. I love this so much that I play with it for hours.

    I take my kids to the beach in the late afternoon. It's almost empty and the sun is not as strong.
    While You are there take some sand and take her to the small yard and let her play.

  • I like and have done/do the pet store idea. I enjoy it mostly because if LO is having a not so good day or becomes overwhelmed I didn't have to pay to go in and we can leave. She's pretty fascinated with the fish tanks.

    We also have a small pool set up for her in the yard that she adores, which I know you mentioned you have limited space... But she's happy if I fill a small bucket with water and she can dip her hands, feet, toys in. interestingly she hated the pool last year, and also hated baths until this past November, now if you say bath you better mean it!

    The big thing with our LO is that when she gets overwhelmed, rather than shut down she majorly stims, usually in the form of singing a song at the top of her lungs, and it can be almost impossible to redirect her. This either gets stares of "omg how cute!" To "why aren't you shutting your kid up?" So if we are planning a trip to the library, or a place that would be most unappreciative of that behavior we pick the least busiest times. To be honest summer hasn't been that exciting in terms of what we've done but at 2.5 she's not complaining.
  • We live in the city and I've been trying to get DS interested in more nature-type activities (gearing up for Cub Scouts in a year!)- I dusted off our old inflatable kayak and we had a blast last weekend kayaking down the creek that runs through the city. It was very peaceful and I was so surprised DS was willing to sit quietly through a couple hour ride. We pointed out wildlife and even picked up some trash along the way. We're going camping in a couple weeks and I'm trying to find some new things to try- some cooking projects, and I may get some books on plants or something that we can look for on hikes. And swimming, of course, his favorite! We've tried fishing but haven't found the perfect spot yet with lots of bites- he gets bored too easily with nothing happening. DS tells me practically every day "Mom, don't you wish it could be summer ALL the time?!" He'd probably lose his mind if we lived in a warmer climate where it's summer year round!
  • The best money we every spent was buying a bounce house.   DS is into collecting rocks so we carry buckets and go collect rocks all over the place.  Water table or Sand table with sensory themes are always a good ideas. 
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