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Car recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a car that is not a minivan for a family of 4 - two adults, two under 2 and a yellow lab dog? What is the best way to travel with strollers and a pooch?

Re: Car recommendations?

  • The Dodge Journey has 2 and 3 rows of seating (depending on model). I kinda want to suggest the 3 row model (dog in 3rd row) but I'm not sure if the stroller(s) would fit between the 3rd row and the hatch.

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    I'm getting an Expedition EL.  We have a lab too and a bulldog and the 2 kids and we drive a lot so we need cargo space, dog space and kid space.  There's no way we were going to fit anything that wasn't Suburban sized.  
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  • LOVE my explorer, perfect for 2 kiddos and a big great dane as well as all the stuff that goes with them...and it's not to "momish"
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  • We have an expedition.

    I love it because it has bucket seats so I feel like its more practical having multiple car seats or boosters [when we have a third]


  • We have a VW station wagon (TDI) and I love it.  The gas/fuel mileage was about the same as my 2008 Civic....  We will eventually get a van when #3 comes along whenever that is.
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  • We had a Ford Taurus X and loved it with 2.  It's no longer made but you can find it a few years old.  If you are planning on having a 3rd soon, I would get the minivan.  It has a 3rd row but it's difficult to get into to buckle a child into a car seat.  We just got a mini-van since it's so much easier to get a child into the back row.
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  • Love my Honda Pilot. It fits all 5 of us plus all our junk. We've taken it to disney world and to the beach with plenty of room for all the stuff plus carseats/kids. It's great to drive and love all the features. 
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    LOVE (like an insane amount of love, that I shouldn't have for a car) my GMC Acadia. It has the captains seats, and we are only having 2 kids, so they fit perfectly in the 2nd row and the 3rd row is great for extra people, or when the seats are down it makes the trunk huge. We have never had a problem fitting in our car, nor have we found it too big. I absolutely love this vehicle!!! When our lease is up in 2 years we will be getting a new one, then keeping that car for the entire time our kids are in school. 
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    Chatterbug 6917 does the great dane ride in the back with the baby stuff? do you have a cargo separator?
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