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Yellow poops

DS has been having off and on some light yellow poops. I looked up on google ( I know, I know) and most mentioned malabsorbtion problems. DH thinks it is because lately he hasn't been eating that much and drinking a lot of milk, which at times I think is way too much, he went through half a gallon in two days!

Anyone experienced yellow poops before?

Re: Yellow poops

  • Whoa, that is a lot of milk!! I bet that's a contributing factor. FWIW, when we cut off DD's bottles in mid-May (I know, I know, but that was the only way she would drink milk, and she only got 3 bottles per day - one before nap, one before bed, and one in the night), she stopped drinking milk and all of a sudden started eating like a horse. Before that she had often only eaten a few bites of a meal, and now she eats really well. So it's possible that the large amounts of milk your DS is drinking is part of the reason he's not eating much and is also contributing to the yellow poo. Not that you should cut out milk! But I think the fact he's drinking so much is at least a partial explanation.

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