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Settling Down at Night

How long does it take your little one to settle down and go to sleep after you put them to bed?  Kaitlyn loves her settling down time and still loves to go up to bed every night.   We put her down at 6:45 (since she gets up at 5:30 for daycare) and she just plays in her crib and talks to herself until around 815/830.  We've tried moving back her bedtime but then she just falls to sleep later.  She usually naps from 1 -4 but even with a shorter nap, she still needs that settling time. Unless she has played real hard that day, it takes her awhile to fall asleep.

I'm not too concerned now but I'm having anxiety over transitioning her to a bed with all this playtime at night. :)

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Re: Settling Down at Night

  • FOOOORREVVEERR!! Sometimes she goes to bed no problem and so easy, other times she cries for ever. But I just close her in her room and let her cry herself to sleep, because when it is 10 pm and she is still awake. I. AM. DONE!  



  • Usually a long time. It has been a struggle. I would say that 90% of the time it takes her a good 2 hours. 
  • Typically around 30mins 

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  • Some  nights are longer than others.  We range anywhere between 20 minutes to 1.5 hours!

    He's in a big boy bed for naps, but this is one of the reasons he is still in the crib at night.  I've also had anxiety about that switch.  We will be doing it soon, though!

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  • image Mrs Castillo:
    Typically around 30mins 

    Same with Ali too.  Sometimes I do have to go back in a hold her for a few minutes. 


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  • We're pretty lucky. He goes to bed easily without any real bedtime routine, and he falls asleep within 5 minutes. He does like to play in his crib, but he usually does this when he wakes up in the morning or after a nap. 

  • Depends on the night. Sometimes she's out in minutes, other nights she plays for about an hour.


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  • jmo866jmo866 member
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    I could have written your post word for word. Especially the part of being concerned about the bed thing, since his is arriving next week and it's go time. We put him down around 8, and it usually takes an hour, sometimes 1.5 hours for him to fall asleep. He is still awake right now, despite having swam all day and seeming exhausted before bed, I don't get it. Good luck to us both.
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  • I'd say the longest it takes DD is half an hr to 45 min. She's actually been doing really well lately and falling asleep just a few minutes after we put her in bed. This is even in light of making her crib into a Big Girl Bed this week after she tried climbing out of her crib. I think it helped that it's the same bed, same place in her room, same bedding, just with a little bed rail instead of the crib slats. It's like she doesn't realize she could get out of it, even though she climbs in by herself at the beginning of the night! Let's hope it stays this way!! :)

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