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Teething nighttime ?

How are your LOs doing at night if they are teething?  DD is up at least every 2 hours, sometimes 1 1/2 hours.  It is terrible!  Normally she is up every 3 hours to nurse and falls right back asleep.  Should I try to nurse her everytime she gets up, or just every 3 hours like normal?  Rock her? (I never rock her...) Cry with her? Ugh.
DD 11/1/12
DS 7/16/14
DD Free from FPIES triggers as of 18 months! 
Sweet potato, avocado, banana, mango, oats, wheat & rice outgrown.
Dairy, soy, and peanut allergies outgrown! Allergic to eggs.
DS MSPI, egg allergy

Re: Teething nighttime ?

  • We are also living in teething he11. Multiple nighttime wake-ups for about the last week, yet she is still toothless. I can feel one just under the gums - break through already!

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