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Walgreens Castile Soap!

After a good bit of online researching, I went to Walgreens (the closest store to me that sells it) to get some of my beloved Dr. Bronners.  It retails for $16.99 for 32 oz. just about everywhere.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that Walgreens now makes their own!  It's "ology" brand and comes in peppermint and lavender.  And it was $9.99!  Anyone tried it?  Is it identical to Dr. B?
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Re: Walgreens Castile Soap!

  • I have never heard of Castile soap in my country, and googled, and it is olive oil based?
    Can anyone tell me the benefits? We have no soap in the house, gentle body wash, and a shampoo bar made by my friend, I thinks it is coconut based?

    We have a good brand called ecostore in New Zealand, they make really reasonably prices natural, not tested on animals products. I use there dishwasher balls, laundry powder and hand wash. I also use there plant based oxysoak for laundry. I do have their spray glass cleanser, and spray and wipe, but usually use a homemade vinegar solution for most cleaning. I do use a lot of bleach though!

    What do you guys use the soap for? I see it mentioned here a lot, but do I need it?
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  • I really like the "ology" shampoo and conditioner from WG. I need to see what else they make.
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    I"ve been getting Dr Woods castile soap (liquid) from Vitacost. It's cheaper, and it gets a pretty good rating on EWG. I haven't looked to see if they make a bar soap yet. I use Dr B castile bar for making my laundry detergent.
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  • Dr. Woods castile soap is cheaper than that on

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