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Intro - Dayton area FTM

I'm at 12 weeks and a FTM in Dayton. DH and I have been together 10 years, married for three and TTC for 3 cycles before getting pregnant! Hi everyone!
Charlotte Lynne ~ Jan. 23, 2014



Re: Intro - Dayton area FTM

  • Yep she wakes up yelling for us a few times a week. When she 'remembers' it is often about having bugs on her or in bed. Ew. We only watch Sprout in the evening and talk about how dreams aren't real. Idk.

    Baby #3 is on the way! EDD  3/8/15
  • Another vote for normal. Sucky but normal. 
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  • kmc217kmc217 member
    Yup, normal IMO too. Elena went through this in a bad way several months ago and still has them infrequently to the point where we can't get her back in her room or bed by herself that night. SHe usually ends up with DH in her bed with her or crawling into bed with her sister. Sunday night she let out a scream so bloodcurdling you would have thought someone was torturing her. All she could remember of her dream was a "chocolate chip bad man."


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