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Parenting, working, chores?

How is everyone doing balancing the 3? I feel like I am constantly falling behind with taking care of the house and slacking on being a hands-on mom during the work week.

It feels like he gets this burnt out mom M-F. Has anyone found tips that help you balance the 3? I try re-upping with a little caffeine on the drive home but that doesn't help much.
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Re: Parenting, working, chores?

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    God, no! And I am working very part-time. DD is a horrible sleeper, so that makes it all harder too.

    The house looks better these past few weeks, but it is not kept up as it should be. I do the dishes and laundry for sure. Cook as needed 3-4 times/ week and that is it!

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    I've lowered my expectations for how clean my house is Stick out tongue

    We tidy up every day (e.g. put away toys, do dishes, etc), but anything beyond that gets pushed to the weekends.  It also helps that our house is tiny!

    I've also started getting DD's "help" when I clean. I give her a rag and she follows me around, wiping things down.

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    Two words - cleaning service! :)  If that's an option for you, I'd do it.  That really cut down on our stress.  I still do the laundry and that alone can drive me batty.  It's tough juggling everything.


    I agree! We have someone that cleans every other week, best $55 I spend! Of course we have to keep the house organized but at least I don't have to clean the bathrooms and all that! 

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    Last week and had a MAJOR meltdown! I was so totally overwhelmed and told my husband that I just can't do it all anymore.  I told him that I need his help more which has made a huge difference.  He really jumped on board.  Besides definitely lowering our expectations of what a clean house is, teamwork has really made the difference w/ us. 
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    My house used to be sparkling all the time. I worked two jobs and still cleaned every day.

    Now, I have to remind myself that I cant do it all.

    I work 50ish hours a week and I have a longer commute to my new job. Dh also works full time.

    We try to spend asuch time as we can with DS when we get home. Dinner, bath, bed etc. Then we clean up dinner dishes, throw in laundry, wash pump parts and bottles and sippies. I try to vacuum in the morning or have DS "help" me while dinner is cooking.

    Most nights I skip putting away laundry to take DS for a walk after dinner. They are only this little once, I am trying to remember that. Most of the chores can wait.


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