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STM's with preemies as first

I dont post much, but I have have been following this board since my DS was born 30.5 in May 2011 from unexplained PTL. I am currently 20 weeks PG with 2 and the farther along I get the more nervous I become. My doctor is monitoring me very closely with biweekly visits and cervical checks and I am also receiving Makena injections. Thankfully so far everything has been fine but I'm still so anxious all of the time. I have run and/or called the OB anytime I think I have felt anything remotely abnormal.
Sorry for all of the rambling but what I am trying to ask are these feelings common? Does anyone have success stories to share? Thanks!

Re: STM's with preemies as first

  • With my first pregnancy, water pPROMed at 23w5d and DS was born at exactly 26 weeks. With baby #2, I was on the same things you are: bimonthly cervical checks, Makena from 16-36 weeks. My cervix started to shorten at 21 weeks and I was even hospitalized at 21w5d for funneling and cervix shortening. I was given Indocin to control the funneling and MFM called it an irritable uterus. By 28 weeks, my cervix was .8cm, but I was on SBR and carried DD until 39w4d when I actually had to be induced.

    Of course your feelings are completely valid and I did the same exact things. I had no signs of PTL when my water ruptured with DS. I was a total wreck the whole time I was on SBR. I was given steroid shots at 24 weeks and I prepared myself for another preemie. I didn't really start relaxing until about 32 weeks when I saw that there might be a chance that I could actually carry to term with her. I would highly suggest our Pregnant After a Preemie Weekly Check In. Ladies are very supportive and it actually made time seem to go faster for me cause I couldn't wait to see how everyone was doing and share how things were going for me as well. It is posted on this board every Thursday.

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  • Not officially a STM until later this morning (I have a c section in a few hours), but my first LO came at 29 w, 6d due to PPROM and a placental abruption. This time around, I had bi weekly cervical checks, a million ultrasounds, Makena injections from 16-36 weeks, etc. I ended up with a way less complicated and healthier pregnancy (I.e. no emergency L and D trips for bleeding) and am officially FULL TERM today! I shocked even my doctors, who assumed I would go into labor between 37 and 38 weeks! 

    There is definitely a chance of a full term pregnancy after preemie and you are doing everything you can to give yourself the best chance! 

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