I have 5 kids.  3 are in grade school and I would like to start homeschooling this year.  This is very new to me.  I've been researching the past month or so and I really would like to try to do this.

 One of my concerns is are letting the school know that we're doing this.  I have been reading up on Ohio laws.  Anyone in Ohio who would be willing to talk to me - let me know!  My kids are in a great school.  We don't have many complaints.  I just think too much time is spent watching movies, eating snacks, having parties, learning things that are nonessential, etc. The behaviors they are learning don't make me very happy either.

I don't think I'd want to start with boxed curriculum, but I'm open to different ideas.  I'm just afraid I won't be organized enough starting out, and it will be a big mess.  I know it'll take time to get it right.  I am excited to read the other posts on here and learn from all of you. 



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