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I'm trying to get my garden back in running order, and I was wondering if there has been any evidence of round up and raid causing negative effects on a fetus? I'm 8 weeks and plan on wearing gloves, mask, etc. obviously washing my hands and showering afterwards. I think I'm just freaking out a little bit and maybe being overly dramatic about the things I can do. Any other moms still spraying away at the weeds?

Re: Roundup/ raid

  • I stayed away from those before I was pregnant because I have tiny dogs and I worry about their health. Now that I'm pregnant, I definitely try to stay away from them. I'm not aware of any studies but better safe than sorry.
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  • Don't feel badly about anything you've done up until now - but I'd avoid anything like that in the future - really, really toxic ingredients in Round Up and Raid. We use "cedarcide" in our backyard for bug control, and Ava Anderson non-toxic bugspray on our dogs (and children) - and that's it. Haven't seen a tick or been bothered by bugs yet! The weeds don't seem as aggressive as they've been in past years either...
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  • I read an article the other day that said to use full strength white vinegar to kill weeds instead of something like Roundup.  However, it will also kill the plants you want to keep, so you have to be careful when spraying it.

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  • Thanks for the tips everyone. I'll try the vinegar! I've herd a few people say they use that too.
  • I use a vinegar with a couple tablespoons of dawn and a couple tablespoons of salt. Works really well.


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  • I use salt, or boiling water! I just pour boiling water straight from the jug onto the weed. It takes a couple of days for the weed to die. It is great to use when it is right next to a plant you want to keep!
    And you can use Epsom salts as fertilizer!
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