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Potty Training

hi ladies,

I haven't been on here in AGES, and mostly lurked before...i have been bumping more recently since i am expecting #2 in 8 weeks... jut thought i'd check in with my fellow Jan 11 ladies. How is potty training going? Have you started? Finished? We have really only just begun. We cloth diaper, and i'm hoping to have DS out of them before LO comes along - i just can't imagine all that laundry! It seems to be going well so far. We just let DS run around the house naked in the morning, now that its warm enough. He hasn't pooped in his diaper since last wednesday! He's getting really good at using the potty when he's naked, but when he wears a diaper he just goes, doesn't think about the potty. Any suggestions for how to get him to ask for the potty? For awhile we gave him yogurt crunchies for pees and chocolate for poop, and now we've moved to a sticker chart...but neither seem to inspire him to ask for the potty...

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Re: Potty Training

  • Get riD of the diapers and pull ups. They will keep going in those. Just give him an underwear and let him know the difference. He may have a couple accidents but within a few days he will HATE diapers. The trick is to Try to get them used to wearing undies. Pull ups are a scam IMO lol. 
  • I did an M&M for every pee or poo. She did really well and weaned herself off them in 2 weeks after PTing. I never gave her any for attempts with no pee or poo.... But ALWAYS when she did go. I even gave her water to pee some more so that she could get treats and get the point. She also knew that she couldn't get treats after brushing her teeth at nights. Also, for night PTing, we just stopped liquids 1 hr before bedtime. Now that she's been PTed for 6 mos, and it's summer, we let her have liquids whenever, she's never had an accident at nights and always wakes up to go. 
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  • We've just started in the past 3 weeks. 

    We do pull-ups when we go out and diapers (until they run out) for naps and bedtime. He isn't even close to being able to sleep without one - he is soaked when he wakes up. He often poops at naptime too when the diaper is on (but this was his regularly scheduled poop time anyway).

    We do m&ms for pee and poop. He's gone on the floor many times, in his pants, in my car (hence the pull-ups when we go out). It's a slow process but some days he is accident free during the times when he's naked or going commando. He often gets so involved with playing that he forgets to tell me.

    As for telling me when he had to go, that just came with time. I used to put him on the potty every 15 - 30 minutes. Now he'll often tell me he has to go. If he doesn't, I still put him on every 30-45 minutes. They will learn.

    Halfmoon - good for you just getting rid of the diapers! I don't have the balls. 

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    Hi everyone!

    Daycare did a lot for DD in terms of potty training. She's the youngest in her class so she watched the other kids get trained and she got interested in the potty. At first she was just sitting on it from time to time for fun. It helped her get used to the flushing and made sure she wasn't scared. Over time, she started going more and then I guess at some point something came out at school. I don't know all the steps they took, to be honest. I do know that she's been using the potty regularly all day at school, but still poops in her pull ups and also wets them. With us, she'll go sometimes but rarely tells us she has to go.

    She has 1 month left in her class. Then we go on vacation and in September she'll be in the shorter day preschool (instead of daycare) because I'll be on mat leave for most of the year. The baby is due in October. So we feel like this is the last time for a while where things will be really stable for her. I asked the teacher if she thought DD was ready to really push the potty and she said yes.

    SO based on her teacher's instructions...on Friday we took her to buy underwear and let her choose whatever she wanted and made a really big deal out of it. This morning, we put her in underwear and told her that if she gets them wet we have to throw them away. Then we put her on the potty every 20 minutes all day. By the end of the day, when she heard the timer go off she knew what to do. She peed almost every time she went and also had some accidents. She was enjoying it when we cheered for her when she had dry underwear and used the potty (her grandparents were over for part of the day so she ended up with a huge fan base).

    Tomorrow we start 30 minutes intervals. On Monday I'll get more instructions.

    We got plastic covers to go over her underwear. She still leaked, but the messes weren't as bad as I think they would have been without it. And she definitely still felt uncomfortable (which I think is the point). Also, we kept her in a dress all day to make it all easier.

    Good luck! This is definitely tough!

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  • We started potty training DD the end of February.  We did a variety of rewards.  Started with M&M's then Smarties, they were more popular.  Then after a week or so I started giving stickers on a reward chart.  When the chart was full she could pick a prize out of a basket. 

    We ditched the diapers day 1 of potty training.  We're still using pull-ups for nighttime sleeping. 

    She started knowing when & asking to go potty at week 2.  Maybe your DS is confused since you put him in diapers still.  I'd try ditching them completely and see if that helps.




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