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Refusing bottles?

Awrsome. spilled half my pumped milk from the day in my brand new purse because I took my cooler bag into the store with me to keep it cool. Eff.

Anyone dealing with a bottle refusal? Any suggestions?

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Re: Refusing bottles?

  • image piffle42:
    Will she drink it from a sippy cup?

    Can you rec a good one? I dunno.

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  • We use Nuk brand sippy cups, with handles. She can drink it herself.

    Also, several people on the FB group have rwcommended a sippy cup from Amazon, not found in stores, it has a straw. It starts w a Z... Zipo? Zion? Something. Tons of positive feedback. Just do an amazon search.
  • Zoli sippy cups. From Amazon.
  • DS started refusing bottles when he was 4-5 months? We haven't tried forcing the issue anymore b/c I'm SAHM so it's no big deal (plus we don't have family nearby so it's not like we get babysitters anyway).  

    We started DS on sippy cup about 6 weeks ago (water only).  It took him 2 weeks before he figured out how to drink out of it.   On a good day, he'll drink 2 oz of water throughout the entire day.  WE haven't tried BM in the sippy cup yet though.

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  • image hboo2011:
    Zoli sippy cups. From Amazon.

    Love the zoli! But make sure the lid is screwed on properly, otherwise it leaks.  


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  • E does really well with the Nuby sippy cups.
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  • I'm having the same issue.  Right now its not a big deal because I'm on summer break, but when I go back to work in August she will have to start taking it again.  We have tried sippy cups, but no luck.
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  • I guess I'll try some sippys. Thanks for the recs!

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  • We tried several sippy cups... and believe it or not, she likes the cheapest ones we found.  The first years take & toss... a set of 6 for 5 bucks at walmart.  On the plus... they are super easy to clean compared to the others we had tried, plus they are dirt cheap.  Wink
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