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Childcare (Centerville area)

My DH and I are expecting, so I have started looking into childcare around the Centerville/Springboro area.  Does anyone have recommendations for either facilities or in-home care providers?

Re: Childcare (Centerville area)

  • We live in Springboro, but lived in Centerville prior to our move. We used The Goddard School of Centerville then, and we now use The Goddard School of Springboro for our older daughter. Both schools are wonderful! However, I can't comment regarding their infant care programs, as she was in kindergarten when she started. 

    Good luck with your search! 

  • ck3121ck3121 member

    check out Dayton Ohio Moms on FB for some suggestions. 300+ members and very active group


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  • We use Goddard in Centerville for both and love them. We actually switched from another provider over to them and have been really happy; they are pricey though. We also toured Primrose, La Petite and others and they seemed good
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