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XP updates tonight to the bump

Saw this on the cloth diapering board and thought I would pass it along. 

The Bump will be offline late tonight into the early hours tomorrow morning and when it comes back online it will be completely updated with lots of fun new changes and updates. Get excited people.


Some of the updates include:

Receiving notifications when members comment thread you originally posted, when you've been tagged in a tread, when you earn a community badge, and when you receive a private message.

Tag other Bumpies in your posts instead of hoping they see your page.

Earn badges for community actions.

Choose the best/most helpful response on threads you start.

There will be a 3 day waiting period after creating an account before you can start posting.

Private messages will be easier to find and you can send a message to multiple users at once.


Please note that once the new system is up and running, old PMs will disappear, so save anything you'd like to keep!



Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

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Re: XP updates tonight to the bump

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