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Trouble Eating !

So I'm 14 weeks and my 2nd pregnancy. My first was thankfully a breeze and no problems eating at all ! This time around I've been extremely sick and having a hard time eating anything. I crave nothing. Food is almost repulsive but sticking to protein helps with the nausea. Any tips to help get me along ?!

Re: Trouble Eating !

  • So sorry to hear about this!  There's the old standby of saltines.  My ob told me to get some hard candy or lollipops and almost always be eating one.  It's supposed to help keep your blood sugar up and put just a tiny bit of something in your stomach constantly.  Good luck!
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  • Oh Geez, sorry to hear you're so sick!  Did you try some saltine crackers with a little bit if Peanut Butter ?  I also used Ritz crackers and I lived on ginger ale for a good 2 weeks.  Hope this helps!
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