scar tissue

Apparently I have tons of it.  I'm almost 9 months pp and went in for a check-up for a few other issues and my OB told me my uterus scarred to my bladder!  UGH! no wonder it hurts to pee! (I've been checked for UTI 3 different times! and it's come back negative each time).  Has anyone else experienced this?  Have you been pregnant since? I'm nervous about getting pregnant again (not anytime soon though) and this being a problem.  

TIA ladies !

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Re: scar tissue

  • jb2rnjb2rn member


    how did they diagnose this? did they do an u/s or something?

    I have had bladder issues since about a year pp. It's weird - I pee three times a night, no matter how much I drink or don't drink, and it's not a UTI.

    It's like an irritated bladder feeling. It comes off and on. I thought it was related to my IUD, I am having that removed soon so I hope that will eliminate that from the equation.


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  • im 14 weeks PP, and i have adhesions. mine are attached to my bowel. its the worst pain ive ever experienced. its also causing a blockage. it will most likely require surgery to fix since my symptoms are severe. i have an apt on the 18th and ill know more then. not fun.  
    Bradley Houston - 04.01.13
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  • imagejb2rn:

    how did they diagnose this? did they do an u/s or something?

     for me they did an ultrasound, x-rays, ct scan, blood work twice, and a colonoscopy. everything was normal so the only other thing it would be is adhesions, plus the symptoms i described sounded like adhesions. the only true way to confirm is to go in there and look via laparoscopy.

    Bradley Houston - 04.01.13
  • I have endometriosis. I had trouble conceiving and at 8 months of ttc we did a laparoscopy. They ended up removing quite a bit of damaged tissue. My bladder problems disappeared and we conceived the next month. I had a csection with that pregnancy and am now pregnant with our second. We had no trouble and everything seems to be working out fine.
  • I had a doctors apt today and we will be doing laparoscopy some time in the next three weeks.
    Bradley Houston - 04.01.13
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    T & Ps mariahrb!

    thank you 

    Bradley Houston - 04.01.13
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